Patient Testimonials

“Very caring, very professional. Bailey Baker is a rare find in the world today. She is truly dedicated to her field. I have no doubt I’m in good hands with her.”

– S.B.

“I had an appointment with Bailey and she is a fantastic and professional provider. She listened to my concerns and explained her diagnosis in detail. The prescription she wrote me has significantly improved my quality of life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their mental health.”

– D.H.

“Let me start with the fact that Bailey actually listened and asked questions before I was even her patient. She showed more compassion and care in my pre-appointment than two previous other appointments with two different providers. She is very easy to talk to and share the things you struggle with mentally which means a lot to me. It is not easy to open up to someone and share your mental struggles, so it is extremely calming to have someone genuinely listen and care. I’m so glad I found her!!!!”

– S.H.

“Bailey is so wonderful! She’s answered every single one of my questions (and I’ve had a lot.) She is so nice and knowledgeable and she has never once doubted or discounted my symptoms, like some providers have in the past. I’m so glad I found her.”

– E.W.

“Dr. Baker has been an exceptional doctor and truly cares about my health. Helped me with medication more than any other doctor I’ve seen in my lifetime. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– T.N.

“Was a great experience, she helped me , an all around great experience , I was pleased.”

– D.S.

“Bailey is awesome, she made me feel comfortable and heard. She also was very friendly and easy to open up to. As someone who has a hard time trusting providers, I trust her and I truly feel like her goal is to do the best by her patients.”

– A.C.

“I don’t often recommend anything or anyone as everyone has a different view and/or need but with Bailey she has such an infectious amount of caring, empathy, and likability with a wealth of knowledge I feel lucky to have found her and want to share with others how she helped me. She was the missing piece in my treatment that made all the difference.”

– T.M.

“This is my first experience with a therapist. I was hesitant about speaking with a stranger, but I needed a more focused care outside of pcp care. From day one, Bailey felt like someone I had already known. By this, I mean that she is easy to talk to, very friendly, and personable. I feel as if Bailey genuinely cares about my concerns. I always feel informed and can easily contact her. Bailey’s care feels like a team approach that I can trust and understand comfortably. I find myself opening up more than I had thought I would because she provides a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere. She is kind and motivational while being patient and understanding. I do not feel pressured or rushed into decisions and take solace knowing the option for decision making is available. I am so happy and thankful to have made the leap of contacting her! I feel as though my life is being put back together piece-by-piece each day. With her guidance, I feel like myself again. Highly recommend!”

– K.G.

“Bailey is fantastic to work with, could not recommend enough!”

– C.H.

“Bailey is amazing. She actively listens, asks amazing questions, and gives full transparency on her decision making process. She understands and encourages the collaboration between a provider and a patient and it shows. As a mental health provider, not only do I refer all my clients to her for their psychiatric needs, my family and I see her as well.”

– J.H.

“Bailey is a caring professional who is compassionate about her job. She takes time to understand your concerns and has a comforting personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly educated mental healthcare provider.”

– B.H.

“Bailey was very easy to talk to and made me feel confident in my treatment plan. Highly recommend her as a provider!”

– A.P.

“Bailey is intentional and listens very well. she has helped me tremendously with PPD and anxiety as I was having trouble finding the right medicine with my PCP. if you’re looking for a psychiatrist, I couldn’t recommend her more!”

– C.C.

“Bailey is very personable and easy to talk too. Made me feel very comfortable about my situation. I feel like I could contact her about any problem if needed. Would recommend for anyone.”

– K.T.

“Bailey is both experienced and professional at every visit I have with her. She understands deeply my mental health issues and it is an ease to expound on my struggles and my history with them. She has excellent availability and communication. Her commissions are also extremely reasonable n fair and her post session care is prompt and thorough.”

– J.G.

“Bailey provides a comfortable space where I can be vulnerable and discuss sensitive subjects with ease. She is attentive and knowledgable and responds to my questions and concerns with compassion.”

– K.P.

“Bailey Baker is a very thoughtful and considerate professional. She takes the time to explain treatment plans and engages in discussions with patients, instead of dictating care. Highly recommend.”

– M.P.

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